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The Sweetest Clients

Who: Sweet Seekers, Kayla & Mo

What: Logo Design & more designs coming soon!

Where: Orlando, FL

When: July 2019

Why: Because this is too sweet to not share!

How sweet is this?! My first blog post! I have no idea what I am doing but, totally fine! I figured this project would be a great ice breaker for the many more blog posts to come. This will be a fun behind the scenes view showing you the step by step process I go through with all of my awesome clients. Each and every one of them are so unique, allowing me to create so many amazing pieces of artwork to share with you. I’d like to start from the introduction that way you hear a little about my client - with their permission of course ;) The Sweet Seekers are so much fun so it’s hard not to share a bit about them! Now let’s get to the good stuff.

I actually met the Sweet Seekers on instagram! I have so many beautiful people in my life right now thanks to instagram, it really amazes me! I can’t remember who followed who but honestly it doesn't really matter! This candy coated duo travels around the world trying any delectable dessert they can get their hands amazing does that sound?! We connected right away over our love for delicious foods and our relationship grew as we met over coffee talking about our everyday lives. They found out I ran my business full time as a designer and they told me about their full time jobs. Luckily for me, they are both in the social media realm working as a videographer and marketing guru.

Sweet Seekers IN ACTION! Kayla left, Mo right

Macaroons, marketing, and margaritas are just a few topics of conversation you’ll hear us chatting about. As we got to know each other I saw how truly creative both of these women are! They loved all of my design work and we clicked right away so naturally they became not only my ideal client but, my ideal friend as well! I jumped for joy when they told me they wanted to work with me. First we began chatting about designing stickers, then it blossomed into an entire logo design! Before I knew it, I was helping them brand their sweet side gig.

The beginning of the design process consists of some emailing, phone calls, maybe meetings depending on who I am working with! Since Kayla and Mo live nearby, I meet with them whenever I can! I always love to meet face to face with my clients because it really helps deliver the most amazing finished products. My number one priority is my clients happiness so I always dive right into what you want as well. I’ll ask questions like: What is your vision? What are the goals for your brand? Who is your consumer base? Do you know all these answers? or do we need to answer them together? Everyone I work with is so different. In this case - the design should be the sweeter the better and IN NEON LIGHTS!

I started creating concepts right away on my Ipad! Any time I create a logo from scratch, I hand draw the beginning stages. Once we have a design locked down, I will create the vector file which allows you to print your logo at any size (which I will explain another time). Originally we discussed some cute donut glasses or binoculars. I thought these original sketches were so adorable but I’m honestly so glad that the direction of the logo changed. Sometimes that happens and it's okay! Sometimes my clients feel bad changing their minds but I prepare myself for those instances and am always happy to rework something to assure that they love the final product. I wanted to share some of my stage one sketching so check them out above! Below you will see the final design, some screen shots of me working in action as well! I'm super excited to share this with you guys! I also really like exclamation points so get use to it.

It’s so fun seeing a design evolve and change. This was one of my favorite ones yet! I can’t wait to see this flicker like a real neon light! Once the logo design is finalized, I will create a graphic bundle full of your logo in multiple formats, social media graphics and more! I want to assist all of my clients with as much as possible so when I design your logo - it doesn't stop there! I always offer business card designs, website banner graphics, youtube channel graphics, etc. There are so many resources I am able to assist you with when designing your logo. Whether it’s a design for something sweet or something a little devilish! I am always down to tackle any design project thrown at me.

Thank you so much for stopping by Brunchzilla Creative! I look forward to sharing more and more about what I do as a full time freelancing artist! I’m always happy to answer any questions so please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you’re in the Orlando area and need a designer/artist/painter or even just a friend to work with - hit me up and we’ll meet for brunch!

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